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NaturEd PlanTours offers unique and fun educational nature tours that inspire intellectual curiosity while using environmentally and socially responsible business models.

Future Vision

NaturEd PlanTours will be a well-respected niche provider of fun and enlightening nature tours, inspiring personal action to improve the environment. I will grow this business using cooperative practices that contribute to local community well-being.

About Me

NaturEd PlanTours LLC is currently owned and managed by just me, Cheryl Wheeler! I am an enthusiastic nature lover with a MA in Environmental Studies and 16 years of professional experience in higher education development and management both internationally and in Seattle. I work full time and have a busy teenager to corral onto a good life path, which will hopefully explain why I do tours infrequently at the moment. I am also the author of comedic cookbooks and encourage you to read my book, Foraging in Seattle, which is about cooking with Seattle’s bountiful forageables.

Cheryl at Discovery Park